PC vs. MAC: What is the best for business?

VIPs use Mac: Bish Whet?

At the risk of sounding snooty. LOLĀ  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not like that. But I put together some information on what I am doing and why below.

Some people asked me what type of computer I use in order to do my writing and blogging these days. Up until recently I’ve always used a PC. I think the main reason for this is simply that it was much cheaper than the Mac stuff available on the market.

Seriously you can go to Best Buy these days and get a laptop for next to nothing. The only problem is that I still believe that PCs are pretty open as far as getting viruses and stuff like that. I am sure that somebody would argue with me on this topic but for some reason I have a feeling that Macs (Apple Products) or just less one herbal to cyber attack.

It is probably just in my mind, but I remember someone explaining to me that Apple doesn’t allow anyone else to integrate their products with theirs. What I mean by that is that all of the hardware is produced by Apple. They don’t take tons of different parts from different companies and thereby they can close the codes that are necessary in order to make multi vendor parts work together.

However, recently I heard that this is not necessarily the case. I heard that Apple has been forced to open up their gates so to speak in order to integrate more cost-effective parts.

I’m not sure if this is true but it is worth mentioning.

A New OS: How hard is it to make the switch?

Overall it did not take me too long to get used to the Apple’s operating system.

I mean I am not there completely yet, however, I get it. I am not overwhelmed by it. You follow? Once you kind of work your way into the logic of how the operating system works, it makes sense.

I still remember a time when there was no such thing as computers. Now, they really do rule the world. All of us are fighting to stay current on the different operating systems and software available out there.

Have you noticed that new software programs come with manuals the size of the Bible?

I believe the reason for all this is simple. With the increase in media interactivity, programs must be much more robust in order to keep up. The features and functionality of this type of software is majorly important in order to stay with the times.

My 11-year-old son called me the other day and said he saw a new video editing program that he wanted for his birthday. It is so funny. I never used to do that type of thing with my parents. As a kid I didn’t even know what software was because it didn’t exist.

Now even children are doing video editing from their home. I think it is pretty cool and it is a sign of the times.

Specialized video editing equipment and software is not exclusive to professionals anymore. We can do quite a bit with our simple handheld smart phones and integrated video editing software that comes with a computer systems.

I can’t wait to see what’s available to us 20 years from now.I am sure that it will make what we’re doing seem pretty archaic

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