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Privacy and Disclaimers

While you’re on the site, I want to make you aware that you are bound by the terms that are set forth here. I want to make it very clear that none of the information that I have published here is to be considered life advice or advice that you should use and apply personally.

Since I cannot possibly know the nature of your decision-making or concerns when you traffic my website, I refuse to be held liable for anything that doesn’t work out as planned.

This site is to be used for entertainment. Although you may get quite a bit out of reading the posts that I share here, you must understand that I do not know your personal situation.

Generally it is to be understood that I keep all of your personal information secure and safe with me. I do not sell lists or any other items.

You need to know however that I sometimes do post affiliate links to other websites that pay me a commission should you choose to buy their services. I cannot control what they do with your information from their site.

I can however assure you that I only work with reputable companies when it comes to affiliate marketing. Please refer to their personal information disclaimers on their corporate websites.

If you have any major concerns or questions you can reach me by contacting me through the contact page.

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