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About Us:

Have you ever wondered if you could become a VIP? VIP stand for “very important person.”

The one thing that I’ve learned about success and becoming a VIP is that you have to be focused on achieving your goals. This website is all about personal conditioning. It is about how to make the best out of any situation in your life.

We will focus on real life stories of individuals who have overcome situations in their lives and who have risen to greatness. Hopefully you’ll find some clues that help you on your journey too.

My name is Sreena.

I don’t call myself a success coach. I find that a lot of people are out there claiming to be life coaches and success coaches. However, I find these individuals usually need more work than anybody else.
Do you wonder what the reason why is? I think it’s pretty simple. Yesterday’s successes become today’s ego trip.

I think people have a little bit of success and then consider themselves to be amazing and want to share it with everyone. Almost immediately they go to work “fixing” everyone else so they can be perfect like them. Under the guise of being the newest and latest coach on personal success and accomplishment, they tell everyone they know to “follow” them.

The problem is they are banking on what they did yesterday instead of improving on what they can do today or tomorrow for that matter to sustain their success.

So, I am reluctant to call myself either of those things. I simply consider myself a student of becoming better at being me.

My challenge to myself and the friends around me is to live authentically and to give up having to be Mr. Ego.

I encourage you to click around and go through some of the posts that I publish. I believe you might find some insights that are helpful. This website is really all about you. I am not saying that you need to be fixed, however, you might find a couple of things on here that expand your perspective.

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